___Matteo Belli ___

Matteo Belli holds a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Bologna, and wrote his undergtraduate dissertation on Vincenzo De Martholomaeis's Rime giullaresche e popolari d'Italia .

Since 1989 he has worked as a mime artist, improviser and actor, and produced shows in the roles of director, author and actor, working with both canonic texts and contemporary authors. Amongst his projects are: Genti intendete questo sermone [ People, Hear My Sermon! ] (mediaeval and modern jester's monologues) (2000); Ora X: Inferno di Dante [ Hour X: Dante's Hell ] (2001); Marzabotto (2008), which was written in collaboration with Carlo Lucarelli.

As jester and mime he took part in the ‘Kleines Fest im großen Garten' festival in Hanover (1994) and represented Italy at the first ‘United Slapstick' European Comedy in Frankfurt (1993).

Since 1998 he has worked as actor, author and teacher at the joint Argentinia-Uruguay festival ‘Un puente, dos culturas' ; he has also been festival co-director. In 2000 he presented the project ‘La parola rappresentativa. Il lavoro dell'attore sulla poesia medioevale italiana [The Representive Word: An Actor's work on Mediaeval Italian Poetry]' ; since 2004 he has also worked on this subject in Spain and Brasil.

His wide experience of the advantages obtained in having musicians and actors present on the same stage has led Matteo Belli to seek out, as well as create, texts where the written word is made complete by live music, as, for example, Del mondo ho cercato - Poesia e musica medioevale italiana [ Of the World Have I Searched: Mediaeval Italian Poetry and Music ] (1999, in collaboration with the Giocolari del Micrologus antique music trio) and Concerto dal VI libro dell' Eneide [ Concert from the Sixth Book of the Aeneid] (2000), which was accompanied by music by Paolo Vivaldi that was later released on CD.

The same musician was also involved in Le maschere di dentro [ The Masks Inside ] , a homage to Italo Calvino (2001). Since 2003 he has produced Nuove parole per le Stagioni [ New Words for the Seasons] (based on Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons) in collaboration with the Respighi Ensemble several times, and a CD came out in 2005.

He has been a guest on numerous television programmes both in Italy and abroad. Since 2005 he and the phoniatrics professor Franco Fussi have been carrying out research on resonance in actors' voices, and their results have been presented in various international conferences.

Matteo Belli is president of the Ca' Rossa Cultural Asociation/Theatre Centre for Orality, of which he was also a founder.

As its artistic director, he has produced various shows: Ci sarà una volta… Radici antiche e nuovi orizzonti del Teatro d'Arte Popolare [ Once above a Time... Ancient Roots and New Directions in Popular Theatre ] , Parola d'attore [ An Actor's Word ] and Verba volant , all of which are readings and performances for small stages.

For Ca' Rossa he has also produced various seminars and theatre and video productions.